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Terms and Conditions for using ShopPrice

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions before you use our site. If you are not accepting any of the terms, please do not use our website or services.

Our services:

Shopprice do not sell any product by itself. This is just a price comparison site for end users. It crawl data from Australian Registered Resellers and help consumers to compare the searched items according to keywords. This search could be based on keywords, categories, types or prices. Data update depends on various factors like our data crawler or merchants. Usually we update every 4 to 5 times a week. But sometimes merchants update once a week or twice a week. We do not take any responsibility if incase price changed by the merchant.

Shopprice just referrer sites, we always recommend before you buy any goods must visit the Original Merchant's site and follow up their Terms and conditions of Purchase. Even if you follow up our sponsored links, still the terms and conditions of purchase would be according to the merchant.
We are not authorizing anybody to re-use our site for professional or commercial purposes without our permission.

Subscription Policy:

You can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime with shopprice news letter to get the updated deals.

Shopprice has full rights to edit/update this website without prior Notice. Also it has full right to terminate any merchants sites if any complain comes up about their product or services. If any adult contents appear in our data crawler that will be suspend without any notice.

Intellectual Property:

Please Note all the content showed in shopprice website, including content of third party Merchants, are protected by licensing rights, copyright, trademarks, royalties, and any other intellectual property right recognized by the law.

You are Accepting That:

Our Free Service is provided for non-commercial purposes for enormous users.
Our goal to provide you most accurate information from the merchants, at the same time we are not responsible for any typographical error , wrong images or prices which are provided by 3rd party merchant.

If any technical issue arises that will be resolved by our Tech Team with High Priority basis as early as possible. If in case we fail to do that on time we will not be liable for that.

We do not take any responsibility for any users or merchants comments which affect to other, but we will remove that asap once that will be noticed to us.

Shopprice just a referrer site, that's why we do not take any responsibility of your purchased goods or investment.

All the terms and condition of use between ShopPrice and the users are above. If any issue arises, which is not mentioned in this terms and condition, will be resolved according to Australian & International Law.

Links to Third Party Sites

Shopprice has links to other, third party merchants' web sites; including links automatically generated by Shopprice's search engine technology. Shopprice has no control over any of those linked sites and assumes no responsibility for the contents of those sites, or any subsequent links to additional sites at a linked website. These links are made available by Shopprice as a convenience for our users.

Product Reviews

All submitted reviews become the sole property of Shopprice. By submitting your review, you acknowledge that your review does not violate another party's copyright or intellectual property rights. Shopprice reserves the rights to publish or delete the review without any notice at any time.


All the information contained in this website is crawled from other merchants' websites, that's why ShopPrice is not responsible for any type of wrong information which is crawled from the other merchants' website. Shopprice has full right to edit/delete these sites time to time without prior notice. You are using this website at your own risk. Shopprice is not liable for any directly involved or connected to these websites' content, be liable to you or any other person for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising from your access or use of this website.


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